September 1, 2010


GISO is a leading merchant services provider

Our Partner Programs offers ISO/Agents and Affiliates the ability to offer payment processing solutions to businesses. We have a full in-house risk, underwriting and sales staff to support you. You have the ability to create multiple revenue streams, benefit from the more than 50 years combined experience, from the GISO team.  Plus, there are no costs to join!

About GISO

GISO a full service, licensed ISO. We handle merchant accounts as a mainstay and we are proficient in high-volume merchant accounts, chargebacks and risk mitigation procedures.

Partner with GISO Merchant Services and expect only quality service and competitive earnings.
When you join the program this becomes a business partnership in which we, as industry experts, will work with you to become a successful business office and offer merchants quality payment processing solutions.

We essentially become a member of your team working with you through any challenges. Read more about our ISO Agent program.

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