September 3, 2010

ISO Program Details

We equip you with the tools and service you need in order to offer credit card, debit card and check processing services and solutions to businesses of all types. Through this Agent program our products and services essentially become your products and services.

agent-isoExceptional Support

  • EMV and PCI Compliant credit and debit card processing
  • Mobile and wireless credit card processing
  • Check processing
  • Gift and loyalty card programs
  • Merchant cash advance/business funding
  • POS and software solutions


iso-agent-programProgram Features

  • Exceptional ISO agent training and education
  • 24 hour approval*
  • In-house underwriting department
  • In-house risk department
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Fast monthly residual payments
  • A variety of credit card equipment available at wholesale
  • Easy to navigate online PCI Compliance certification for your valued merchants
  • Free statement analysis
  • Lifetime residuals
  • Online real-time portfolio access
  • QuickBooks™ integration


True Interchange Revenue Split

Our ISO partners enjoy up to 70% revenue share above bank cost and no buy rates. Our program gives you a true share above cost & interchange on all fees including: statement fee, monthly fee, annual fee, cancellation fee, etc. No hidden fees, no miscellaneous markups, a very aggressive and competitive pricing schedule which requires no investment from you to get started.

Expert Service & Support

Group ISO offers exceptional and quality service for credit card/debit card processing, cash advance, risk management and PCI compliancy. There are no tickets or investigations to open, no recordings for you to leave messages and wait for someone to get back to you—we always use our internal resources from to get you the answers you need. We also have a 24/7, toll free, technical support hotline for all of your merchants’ needs.


Full Merchant Services Risk Department

Our Risk Department is proactive and works with merchants as challenges arise, to mitigate risk and keep you, your merchant and us profitable and viable. We provide exceptional customer service and expertise which address any questions or concerns that may arise. Our team is educated and trained in all areas of the Payments Industry with in-house ETA CPP – Certified Payments Professionals, certified fraud examiners, interchange experts, internet business/ecommerce consultants, and compliancy professionals. Our teams have been built to help you with all aspects of your business from SSL certification, PCI Compliance, shopping carts & integration, inventory, terms and conditions, refund policies, customer retention, fraud and card present and card not present risk mitigation.

We are a Full Service Processor and licensed ISO since 2001. We help retail accounts, MOTO and e-commerce accounts as a mainstay and we are proficient in high-risk merchant accounts, chargebacks and risk mitigation procedures.

Open Book Policy

Group ISO pioneered the “Open Book Policy” for its ISO & agent partners. We understand that there are countless ISO & agent programs available for you to choose from in the credit card processing industry and that the truth is what really matters in choosing the right business partner. As former agents, Group ISO realizes that the decision comes down to revenue opportunities, profit margins and strength of services offered or provided. We open our books each month to each and every ISO, Agent, and Affiliate partner we work with and share details on all of the income we receive so you can be assured you are receiving a true split of profit on you entire portfolio.

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